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Tor Maj 15 18:22:12 CEST 2001

Najprej hvala Damirju za odgovor.

RDESKTOP je prava stvar.

Sedaj pa bi potreboval pomoc pri povezavi na VPN 
server (NT).

Spodaj prilagam navodila, kateris sem se drzal, ampak 
stvar ne deluje (ifconfig izpise samo eth0 in pa 

Kaj je narobe, bi moral kaj posebnega vkljucit v 
jedro, pozna kdo kaksen drugacen nacin...


Setting up the Linux PPTP 1.0.2 client (and PPP 2.3.5) 
with Windows NT PPTP Server


About the systems
This document assumes the following: 

remote machine name = orge 
domain remote machine belongs to = gnoll 
username on remote machine = billybob 
password for billybob = bobbybill 
We want to connect our local machine to the remote 
machine using PPTP. The remote machine is a Windows NT 
box while our local machine is a Linux box. 


PPP chap-secrets file
Find the chap-secrets file which should be 
in /etc/ppp/. This file should look like this: 

# chap-secrets 
# client server secret IP adresses 
gnoll\\billybob orge bobbybill  


Setting up PPP debugging
PPP debugging is handled by syslogd. To setup 
debugging open syslog.conf which should be found 
in /etc/ and add the following entry: 

daemon.debug /var/log/pppd.log 


Launching PPTP
The following command is issued on the linux box to 
connect to the remote NT machine. 

pptp orge debug name gnoll\\billybob remotename orge 


This error occurs when you supply an incorrect 
username/password to the remote NT machine. Check the 
chap-secrets file and the command line where PPTP is 



run 'ifconfig' and check that a ppp0 interface exists 
find P-t-P: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx from the output of 
run 'netstat -i' and record the RX-OK and TX-OK values 
for ppp0 
type 'ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' 
run 'netstat -i' again and see if the values for RX 
and TX increased.. if yes then it would appear to be 
working ok....... in theory anyway. 


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