[LUGOS-ORG] Help in terminology

polz polz at aufbix.org
Fri Nov 21 19:32:24 CET 2003

> 1. My speech is interpreted, and i want to give some help for the
> interpreter, because maybe (S)he dont know what is the slovenian word for
> "Open Source" or "User Mode Linux" and so on. Is there an
> english-slovenian dictionary for this words?
Oooh, you poor thing :>.

open source -> "odprta koda"
free software -> "prosto programje"

> 2. I need some info about the Linux in Slovenia. How many school using it,
> companiyes, penetration. In Hungary rare thing see teachers teaching with
> Linux, but happens sometimes. In Slovenia?
When it comes to teachers, the situation is abysmal. Unfortunately, the 
majority of high-school teachers are incapable of using a compiler. They 
prefer to stick to teaching the students how to use the Microsoft Office.
I have heard of some teachers using Linux, though, but they seem to be a quiet 

As far as the companies are concerned you'll have to ask someone else.

Fortunately, the elementary schools are about to get the chance to apply
for new computers from the ministry. These new computers will be set up to 
double-boot between Microsoft Windows and Pingo. Pingo is a modified RedHat 9 
whose instalation scripts have been completely translated into slovenian.

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