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Tomka Gergely tomka na zeus.gau.hu
Pet Nov 21 21:05:37 CET 2003

2003-11-21 ragyogó napján polz ezt üzente:

> > 1. My speech is interpreted, and i want to give some help for the
> > interpreter, because maybe (S)he dont know what is the slovenian word for
> > "Open Source" or "User Mode Linux" and so on. Is there an
> > english-slovenian dictionary for this words?
> Oooh, you poor thing :>.


> open source -> "odprta koda"
> free software -> "prosto programje"

Thanks. The two dictinoary can't handle this two expression.

> > 2. I need some info about the Linux in Slovenia. How many school using it,
> > companiyes, penetration. In Hungary rare thing see teachers teaching with
> > Linux, but happens sometimes. In Slovenia?
> When it comes to teachers, the situation is abysmal. Unfortunately, the


> whose instalation scripts have been completely translated into slovenian.

<ironic>Good.</ironic> Same situation as in Hungary, i can spare time :(

Another question: I see there are slovenian OpenOffice.Org.
I can't see the status. All part can talk slovenian? spellchecker?

And many thanks for the help, good to see the GNU/Linux Community in work

Tomka Gergely
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