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Tomka Gergely tomka at
Fri Nov 21 08:53:37 CET 2003


Sorry for the english (and for my english). I am a hungarian linux-fan,
who happens to talk about Linux, to hungarian and slovenian teachers. So i
need a little help.

1. My speech is interpreted, and i want to give some help for the
interpreter, because maybe (S)he dont know what is the slovenian word for
"Open Source" or "User Mode Linux" and so on. Is there an
english-slovenian dictionary for this words?

2. I need some info about the Linux in Slovenia. How many school using it,
companiyes, penetration. In Hungary rare thing see teachers teaching with
Linux, but happens sometimes. In Slovenia?

3. Some information about LUGOS for beginners. Especially source for cd's
, mirrors and a mailing list for beginners.

4. Maybe we can go to Murska Sobota for a few hours. Is there LUG?


Tomka Gergely
Repülőgép nélkül az ég csak levegő -- Hadi István alezredes

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