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Pa ravno, ko sem svoje redhat masine spravil na 4.1... :-)
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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Alpha, and SPARC (fwd)
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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Alpha, and SPARC

      Just when you thought you could park your computer and pack up 
    for that summer vacation, or winter getaway (for our friends in the 
southern hemisphere), Red Hat comes out with yet another brilliant release.

                Announcing Red Hat Linux - Release 4.2
                    for Intel, Alpha and SPARC !!
	    Shipping will begin on Wednesday May 21, 1997.

   This is an update to the award-winning Red Hat Linux Release 4.0
   incorporating many improvements, fixes, and additional features.

   Help us keep our air conditioner running by downloading it from:


 or by purchasing a CD-ROM product!  See the attached press release for
details and ordering information, or order now at http://www.redhat.com,
       (888) RED-HAT1, (919) 572-6500, or (919) 572-6726 (fax).


May 19, 1997

Durham, NC -- Red Hat Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the
availability of Red Hat Linux release 4.2 for Intel, Alpha and SPARC
computers.  This is the only synchronized release of the Linux
operating system for these three platforms, and represents a huge leap
in reducing your administrative and support costs for your
heterogeneous network.  This release builds on Red Hat Linux 4.0,
which was the 1996 Desktop OS of the Year according to InfoWorld


. Increased security.
  Red Hat leads the industry in producing the most up to date security
  features.  By updating to the latest versions of sendmail, Apache, named, 
  inn, and others, 4.2 maintains this lead.

. Enhanced stability.
  Red Hat excels as a highly available, high performance Apache web server in
  extremely demanding environments.  Run your workstation with more
  confidence and fewer headaches.  

. Modular 2.0.30 kernel.
  One kernel for all hardware, support for much more hardware (including
  the Backpack CD-ROM and BusLogic Flashpoint SCSI controllers!)  The   
  updated kernel increases networking speed by up to thirty percent and is 
  distributed as an RPM package (on Intel and SPARC).  This means that 
  to upgrade the kernel you only need to upgrade the kernel RPM packages.

. Only one installation floppy! 
  Two for PCMCIA and FTP installs.
  Both floppies are included in the Official Red Hat Linux/Intel
  boxed set product.

. Easier installation. 
  Smarter network configuration with bootp, PLIP installs,     
  NFS mounts (share/usr between machines, for example), and install from 
  an SMB server.

. New version of RPM.
  RPM 2.3.11 includes dependencies, improved PGP/MD5/size signature
  capability, verify scripts, and shared NFS mounts.

. Improved X Windows support.
  XFree86 3.2 supports more cards (including Matrox Millenium and              
  #9 Imagine 128), with better acceleration.  Easier X Windows                 
  configuration.  Just pick your video card and monitor from the provided      
  lists and you are done. Latest MetroLink X server 3.1.5 (Only available      
  with the Official Red Hat Linux/Intel boxed set.)

. Expanded Red Hat Linux User's Guide.
  250 pages of installation and configuration information.  Complete   
  coverage of the control-panel tools, including the network, user/group,
  and printer tools.  Covers basics and configuration of PAM security
  architecture.  Includes MetroLink X server configuration information.
  The User's Guide is available via FTP and it is also browsable on            
  our web site!

. Improved network configuration.
  Improved graphical network configuration control panel tool.  Allows for
  simple configuration of PPP and SLIP network connections.  Makes it
  simple to move your machine between networks, add ethernet cards, etc.
  Now supports PAP authentication for PPP connections.

. Control Panel Tools
  In addition to the improved network configuration tool, the user and 
  group configuration tool has been revised and the printer tool has been
  enhanced for simpler configuration.

. Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).
  New version of PAM, 0.57, is used throughout for increased system
  security and configurability.  Shadow password, MD5 password support,      
  and other authentication methods are supported.  PAM is now covered in       
  the User's Guide.

. Red Baron secure web browser.
  Red Baron 3.1 supports forms, frames, SSL, SET. 
  (Only available on Official Red Hat Linux/Intel boxed set.)

. Sun's Java Development Kit
  JDK 1.0.2 now ships with Red Hat Linux/Intel.

. Glibc for Red Hat Linux/Alpha
  This version of glibc now includes support for NIS.

. Upgrades and Fixes.
  Tcl/Tk 7.6pl2/4.2pl2, tetex 0.4pl8 (LaTeX 2e)
  Over 200 updated packages, and 19 new packages.  The full package
  list is available at http://www.redhat.com.
  Many security fixes and bug fixes -- most of which are not shipping
  with other UNIX/Linux systems.



* Installation

Our third generation installation system is easier to use than ever.
By presenting simple fill-in-the-blank forms, and applying intelligent
automation to network, package, and module configuration, the system
relieves you of the most tedious and most troublesome aspects of
installation.  Installation is supported via CD-ROM, NFS, FTP, SMB, and        
from hard drives, and includes seamless PCMCIA and PLIP support.

* Package Management

The RPM package system is designed to be powerful yet easy to use.
These design features, along with smart config file handling across
package upgrades, "shared" file handling, documentation searching
support, package installation via FTP, dependencies, and powerful
querying, make RPM the most advanced package system available.

With our graphical package manager Glint you can track every package
installed on your system, and all packages available on the CD-ROM.
You can examine package descriptions and file contents before you
install them.  With a few mouse button clicks you can install,
uninstall, list and verify all installed packages.  No other
installation system comes close.

* Configuration Tools

The Red Hat control panel tools cover configuration of your network,
printer, filesystem, users and groups, SysV init, time and date, and
modem.  PPP and SLIP configuration has never been easier!

* Compatibility between Linux Platforms

The Red Hat Linux 4.2 for Intel, Alpha and SPARC products are built
from the exact same source packages.  This ensures maximum ease of
software portability between machines running Red Hat Linux regardless
of the underlying hardware architecture.  In addition, your investment
in configuration of Red Hat Linux will pay off on all three platforms.

* License Terms

Red Hat Linux is distributed under the terms of the GPL, and is freely
available from our FTP site, and dozens of mirrors.  The Red Hat Linux
User's Guide and the new RPM book "Maximum RPM" are also available freely, 
under the terms of the LDP license!



Red Hat Linux continues to track both Linux and UNIX industry
standards closely.  Red Hat Linux conforms to the Linux File System
Standard (FSSTND), and tracks many other Linux and UNIX standards.

Testing is probably Linux's greatest strength and the origin of its
remarkable stability for most applications, and Red Hat Linux benefits
from this.  The truly open development model followed by Linus
Torvalds and the Linux development community allows new releases of
the kernel, components, and distributions to be tested by hundreds of
thousands of users. Their access to everything at little or no cost,
including full source code, from many sites on the Internet enables
anyone to contribute to further development by not just reporting bugs
but contributing patches.

Red Hat Linux depends on this open development model.  We post Red Hat
Linux as "freely redistributable" software for free download off of many
sites on the Internet, and we are grateful for the valuable assistance
we receive.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has decided
to stop charging for their POSIX Conformance Test Suite 151-2, in
hopes that the POSIX standard may be more broadly applied.  Red Hat
Software applauds the move, and has obtained the suites for
consideration.  We would encourage all Linux developers to take
advantage of this development.  Comments and questions can be directed
to Martha Gray <gray na sst.ncsl.nist.gov> at NIST.


Red Hat's software packaging scheme (RPM) provides the reliable and
consistent installation on a stable environment that ISV's are looking
for, and yet allows for a flexible environment for further Linux

RPM's advanced software packaging features enable RPM packaged
software to be installed easily and correctly on any Red Hat Linux
platform.  Running older software versions on a new release of Red Hat
Linux is generally reliable and trouble free.


Red Hat Linux is released as freely redistributable software under the
terms of the GPL.  This allows anyone to use Linux without restriction
and to contribute to Linux development.  It also prevents anyone or
any corporation from restricting access to Linux or Linux source code.
Commercially licensed software can be ported to Linux while
maintaining the license terms that the author uses for any other



After installing Red Hat Linux once, you will never need to reinstall
Linux again!  Our RPM packaging system is sophisticated enough to
allow upgrading to new Red Hat Linux releases without reinstalling
your system - no partitioning, no backing up all your files, no

Red Hat Linux 4.2 is built on a third generation packaging system
called RPM.  The RPM system features include smart configuration file
handling across package upgrades, "shared" file handling,
documentation searching support, and package installation via FTP.
You can install, uninstall, query, verify, and upgrade individual RPM

RPM is also a powerful software building tool.  It supports reliable,
reproducable builds on multiple platforms.

The Red Hat Software web site, http://www.redhat.com, contains more
information on RPM and the RPM-HOWTO, which describes how to use RPM
and build your own RPM packages.

A graphical package management tool called GLINT allows you to quickly
and easily manage and track your system.  It displays a hierarchy of
packages represented by individual package icons, and displays
progress meters during installation.

We are releasing RPM under the terms of the GPL and we would like to
encourage everyone to use it to package their software.  You can get 
RPM separately from Red Hat Linux from our FTP site.


An important element of the design of Red Hat Linux is our commitment
to the concept of "pristine sources".  Our RPM source packages include
pristine, untouched sources, as well as patches and a control file
which defines the building and packaging process.  It enables us to
work with other members of the Linux development community easily and
effectively by clearly separating and documenting the code that they
contribute from any modifications that are required by Red Hat Linux.



Red Hat Linux is available for the Intel, Alpha, and SPARC on our
FTP site:


Many sites mirror the Red Hat FTP site, and may give you much better
performance.  A list of these mirrors is at:


(Note that the Metro X server, Red Baron and Grail are not available
 via FTP.  These packages are only available with the full boxed set


The Red Hat Software web site, http://www.redhat.com, contains a
wealth of helpful information, as well as a web-based ordering system
for all our products.

Of particular interest is the support section of the web site, which
includes archives of our mailing lists, errata, Red Hat TIPS, the LDP
documentation, and lots more.  See http://www.redhat.com/support.


All previous releases of Red Hat Linux (2.0, 2.1, 3.0.3, 4.0, 4.1) can be
upgraded in place (without reformatting or repartitioning).  For those
who want to upgrade, but do not want to purchase the full boxed set,
the Red Hat Linux Powertools/Archives 6 CD-ROM set is the right choice.        
The Powertools/Archives set includes a $1 donation to the FSF as well.

Red Hat Linux for the Intel, Alpha, and SPARC are all available on the         
Powertools/Archives set (Metro X, Red Baron, and Grail are only available      
with the full boxed set).

Any other questions regarding upgrades can be directed to the Red Hat
sales staff at (919) 572-6500, or 1-888-REDHAT1. 



+ Official Red Hat Linux/Intel Boxed Set                $ 49.95
+ Official Red Hat Linux/Alpha Boxed Set                $ 49.95
+ Official Red Hat Linux/SPARC Boxed Set                $ 49.95
+ Red Hat Linux Powertools/Archives 6-CD set            $ 29.95

+ Applixware for Linux Office Suite			$199.00
+ Applixware for Linux Developer Edition		$495.00
+ Applixware for Linux Student Edition			$ 79.95

+ Red Hat Motif CD-ROM with Motif User's Guide          $149.00
+ Red Hat Linux Library CD-ROM                          $ 29.95 

+ Red Hat Linux User's Guide (264 pages)                $ 14.95
+ Dr. Linux 2,000 page reference book                   $ 39.95
+ Maximum RPM						$ 34.95
+ Linux Man						$ 34.95
All prices are in US dollars.

You can order on the web at http://www.redhat.com or by calling Red
Hat Software at (888) RED-HAT1 or (919) 572-6500.  We accept Visa,
Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards.

We only ship via FedEx.  Shipping cost for single copies of Red Hat
Linux is $8.95 in the US for FedEx Economy, $14.95 for FedEx Standard
Overnight.  For other shipping prices please contact our sales office
(or check the web site - it'll compute the shipping price

Resellers are encouraged to contact the following distributors for
information and volume pricing on Red Hat products.

* Red Hat Software, Inc.
  3203 Yorktown Avenue, Suite 123
  Durham, NC 27713
  Phone: (919) 572-6500 or (888) RED-HAT1
  Fax:   (919) 572-6726
  Email: sales na redhat.com 

* Frank Kasper and Associates
  7351 Washington Ave. South
  Edina, MN 55439-2407
  Phone: (612) 942-0566 or (800) 869-7667
  Fax:   (612) 942-5039


Red Hat Software, Inc.
(888) RED-HAT1 -- (919) 572-6500 -- (919) 572-6726 (fax)
http://www.redhat.com -- sales na redhat.com

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