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Še ena stvar, ki bi se ji LUGOS lahko pridružil. Do 20.9. je ravno še 
dovolj c(asa, da se kaj zmenimo v to smer :-)

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Zadeva: [SFD-announce] Software Freedom Day 2008!
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Od: Pia Waugh <pia na softwarefreedomday.org>
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Hi everyone!

The time has come to start planning your Software Freedom Day event for 
We will be opening registrations in mid May and increasing the number of 
packs (shirts, CDs, balloons and such) to 300, so make sure you keep an 
eye out
and register as soon as you can! We have a new board with new members 
at http://softwarefreedomday.org/sfi). A warm welcome to Fred and Peter!

This years event will be September 20th, 2008 (please ignore the header 
of the
website, it will be changed as soon as possible).

Last years event

Last year we had an amazing event, with over 330 teams from over 90 
There were around 3000 participants reaching over 40,000 members of the 
Around 40,000 FOSS CDs were handed out, including Ubuntu, the Open CD,
Mandriva, Fedora, Kubuntu, Debian, Suse, Knoppix, and more!

The SFD events including installations of FOSS, demonstrations, conferences,
presentations, radio, courses, some even used the day to collect food for
disadvantaged families! The three events that won "best 2007 SFD event" were
FOSS Nepal Community, SFD Nicaragua 2007 Team & Beijing Software Freedom Day
(China). Congratulations all! Their event reports can be found here

Last year a lot of universities participated, however some schools also got
involved, which was great to see. Loads of user groups always get 
involved to
help get the word out about Software Freedom. There was excellent media
coverage from many teams in many languages so great job everyone!


The Software Freedom International team have been getting everything on 
for Software Freedom Day 2008. Firstly thank you to you all for your great
ideas and feedback from last year. It has helped us create a plan for 
this year
which should see Software Freedom Day grow even more, particularly in the
education sector. We will be providing more resources to teams, 
including a DVD
with video and presentation content that teams can use or mashup on the day.
We'll also be providing the OpenDisc (the new Open CD project) and more
resources to teams such as artwork, templates and other useful resources. We
hope that you all put stuff on the wiki to share with other teams and start
emailing the list with your ideas and lessons learnt.

We are hoping to have over 500 teams participate in Software Freedom Day 
and we should all try to reach a grand total of 100,000 members of the 
Start thinking about what is the most appropriate way to take Software 
to your community. Perhaps it is a stall at a festival, perhaps a computer
literacy course using FOSS, perhaps some presentations at a local school or
university. Get ideas for your SFD event planning from the Start Guide here

As per an email late last year, we are keen to get more translations of SFD
content and information. We are in the process of setting up some
infrastructure to facilitate this so stay tuned for more information about

New infrastructure

We are in the process of setting up new infrastructure as we migrate to 
a new
hosting environment donated by Linode (http://linode.com/). This will 
our control over the SFD website and mailing lists such that we can avoid
downtime, and also add new functionality. In the short term we will be 
doing a
site redesign, a moin moin upgrade (the wiki), and some mailing list 
We'll make sure this is as seamless as possible for you all.

We are going to make reporting and registering much easier this year, with a
few changes including a world map as the mechanism to find events rather 
than a
list by continent. This will mean team pages will be
http://softwarefreedomday.org/<teamname> rather than a really long URL 
as has
been the case in the past. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on this!

We'll also be adding a "planet" to SFD, to aggregate blogs from our 
a new online shop and more to be announced soon.


Thank you to last years sponsors, to the rest of the SFI board, and finally,
thank you to you all for helping take Software Freedom to the world! We are
looking forward to seeing what teams come up with for next year, and we 
will be
supporting you all as much as we can!


Software Freedom Day 2007                   http://softwarefreedomday.org/

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