DRAFT PROGRAMME - Swpats conference in SLOVENIA

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Wed Apr 7 21:39:14 CEST 2004

Dober dan!

V nadaljevanju vam posiljam trenutni urnik in predavanja konference
Software patents kill inovation, ki bo 22.4 v Lj.

Ce zeli kdo sodelovati naj pove. Predvsem iscem ljudi, ki bi sodelovali
v tockah, kjer je v oklepajih omenjen LUGOS.

Vstop na TELEINFOS bo brezplačen, ob predhodni prijavi. Tako, da bo tudi
obisk same konference brezplačen za vse tiste, ki bi spet radi
prisluhnili Richardu Stalmannu.



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   The conference "Software patents kill inovation!?" will take a place in
   Ljubljana, on the 22nd of April 2004 (Thursday) as a part of yearly fair
   on telecomunication and economy progress named "TELEINFOS".

   The organisers of the conference are The European Greens in cooperation
   with SMS (Slovenian youth party) and ZOTKS (Association for tehnical
   culture of Slovenia ). It will be held in English.

   The main topic (aim) of the conference will be to warn how dangerous are
   the patents of ideas and how good it would be to avoid that unecessary and
   harmfull decisions.

   Agenda of the conference:
   Cankarjev dom - Conference hall M3/4 (capacity 130)

   14:00 Opening ceremonies - speach (About the aims of the conference -
   Position of software patenting questions...) held by ??? - representatives
   of organisers (SMS & EFA The Greens, ZOTKS and maybe Ministry of
   Information Society of Slovenia)

   14:30 Panels:
   1. Introduction to software patents - ??? someone from Slovenia (Uros
   mesojedec - Monitor ???)

   2. Software patents's economic impact (1 economist and 1 company of
   proprietary software) (could u find one scientist ?to speak about swpats
   and innovation)
   - someone from the Faculty of computeristic and information science

   3. The draft directive on computer-implemented invention 
   Position of associations:
   - James Heald (FFII),
   - ??? (LUGOS),
   - Sylvain Perchaud (Euro-shareware)

             15:30 - 15:45 coffe break

   4. The opinion of ZOTKS and lawyer - ???

   5. The Danger of software patents - by Richard Stalmann (16:05 -17:05)

   6. Round table and debate (45 minutes) with representatives of political
   parties - TOPIC?!
   -  Miro Kranjc (Ministry of Information Society of Slovenia)
   -  Sylvain Perchaud (Euro-shareware)
   -  ??? (LUGOS)
   -  ??? (SMS)
   -  ??? (ZOTKS)

   7. Conclusions  (17:50 - 18:00)
   Help to inform as many people as you can - the date is very close!?!
   Regards from Brussels - Darko Krajnc

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