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Mon Jun 30 09:31:39 CEST 2003

Tole so nam poslali nasi prijatelji iz Madzarske... :)

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Date: 29 Jun 2003 20:51:37 +0200
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Subject: Ping from the Hungarian LUG
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I am one of the leaders of the Association of Hungarian Linux Users
(AHLU, www.lme.hu). I have found your email address at
I believe there are several fields where our LUGs could work together.

To name some:

- Talking in each others' conferences, thus making them international
 We hold a big conference each autumn. The CFP will come out soon.

- Posting important news about each other. This makes our news more
 interesting, and also helps to get our messages through.

- Coordinating our efforts, and share our experiences. For example
 we can tell you how did we achieve that our government have
 started to formulate a national free software strategy:)

One particularly serious and urgent field is the issue of software
patents. In the course of discussion on the EuroLinux mailing list,
(see http://www.eurolinux.org/ ) we have came out with the idea,
that we could start a campaign to postpone accepting of the software
patent directive until the new members join the EU. I think we should
start a coordinated campaign to achieve that goal.

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forr?sb?l

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