[ LUGOS-ORG ] linux.com clanek

Rok Krulec Rok.Krulec at acm.org
Tue Mar 20 12:35:34 CET 2001

On 20 Mar 2001, Andraz Tori wrote:
> Ok tule je torej glavni del clanka za linux.com
> Slovenia (LUGOS). On April 22. in a small city of Novo mesto, the eight
eighth jaz bi napisal kar 8th

> we are preparing an "install workshop". Users bring their own computers
workshop, where users bring their computers

> installation. For those that are still not convinced, we demonstrate
For those who are ... we demonstrate usage of Linux

> Linux in our "exhibition place" where they can get hands on experience
where visitors can

> with Linux, different desktops and different aplications. Users can take
using different desktops and ...

> amazing how much can be done on strictly voluentary basis. Ofcourse an

Tole na hitro, ce ti kej pomaga. Verjetno ti, drugace nebi postal sem :)


Portoroz, 20.03.2001 @ 11:48

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