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> > Mozno...pa ni kaj za naredit, da bi vseeno prenesel takega zivcnega
> > userja? Ker jih je kar precej taksnih :)

morda `man inetd.conf`

 The wait/nowait entry is applicable to datagram sockets only (other sock­
     ets should have a ``nowait'' entry in this space).  If a datagram server
     connects to its peer, freeing the socket so inetd can received further
     messages on the socket, it is said to be a ``multi-threaded'' server, and
     should use the ``nowait'' entry.  For datagram servers which process all
     incoming datagrams on a socket and eventually time out, the server is
     said to be ``single-threaded'' and should use a ``wait'' entry.  Com­
     sat(8) (biff(1))  and talkd(8) are both examples of the latter type of
     datagram server.  Tftpd(8) is an exception; it is a datagram server that
     establishes pseudo-connections.  It must be listed as ``wait'' in order
     to avoid a race; the server reads the first packet, creates a new socket,
     and then forks and exits to allow inetd to check for new service requests
     to spawn new servers.  The optional ``max'' suffix (separated from
     ``wait'' or ``nowait'' by a dot) specifies the maximum number of server
     instances that may be spawned from inetd within an interval of 60 sec­
     onds. When omitted, ``max'' defaults to 40.

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