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Bostjan Tursic Bostjan.Tursic na kiss.uni-lj.si
Tor Okt 20 00:17:20 CEST 1998

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Borut Mrak wrote:
>On Sat, 17 Oct 1998, Bostjan Muller [NEONATUS] wrote:
>> Pozdrav!
>> Zanima me ce se da fetchmail nastimat tako, da bi se zalaufal ko
>> se vzpostavi ppp povezava, nato pa vsakih 10 minut ?
>Jaz sem včasih imel v cronu nekaj takega:
>*/10 * * * * if [-e /var/run/IP]; fetchmail >/dev/null 2>&1 ;

Zakaj bi kompliciral, ce je treba samo man od fetchmaila pogledat? :

 -M interface, --monitor interface
              (Keyword: monitor) Daemon mode can cause  transient
              links  which  are  automatically taken down after a
              period of inactivity (e.g. PPP links) to remain  up
              indefinitely.   This  option  identifies  a  system
              TCP/IP interface  to  be  monitored  for  activity.
              After  each poll interval, if the link is up but no
              other activity has occurred on the link,  then  the
              poll  will  be  skipped.   This option is currently
              only supported under Linux.         

  -I specification, --interface specification
              (Keyword: interface) Require that a specific inter­
              face  device  be  up  and  have a specific local IP
              address  (or  range)  before  polling.   Frequently
              fetchmail  is  used over a transient point-to-point
              TCP/IP link established directly  to  a  mailserver
              via SLIP or PPP.  That is a relatively secure chan­
              nel.   But  when  other  TCP/IP   routes   to   the
              mailserver  exist  (e.g. when the link is connected
              to an alternate ISP), your  username  and  password
              may be vulnerable to snooping (especially when dae­
              mon mode automatically polls for mail,  shipping  a
              clear  password  over the net at predictable inter­

torej v .fetchmailrc dodas:

interface "ppp0/IP/netmask"  
# (kot IP vpises tisti rang IPjev katere imas ob konektu)
monitor ppp0  

In bo gledu ce je ppp0 up, in pa ce bo ppp0 idle, ti nebo linije zadrzvov UP,
kar pride prav v kombinaciji z diald..


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