[ LUGOS ] mozilla + locale C

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Pet Okt 30 11:43:21 CET 1998

Pred kratkim sem upgradeal X11 na tisto verzijo, ki je v debian slink
Od takrat naprej vsakic, ko pozenem netscape navigator (3 ali 4) dobim tole:

netscape: locale `C' not supported.

        If the $XNLSPATH directory does not contain the proper config files,
        Netscape will crash the first time you try to paste into a text
        field.  (This is a bug in the X11R5 libraries against which this
        program was linked.)

        Since neither X11R4 nor X11R6 come with these config files, we have
        included them with the Netscape distribution.  The normal place
        for these files is /usr/X386/lib/X11/nls/.
    If you can't create that
        directory, you should set the $XNLSPATH environment variable to
        point at the place where you installed the files.

/usr/local/bin/communicator: line 3:  2338 Bus error 

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