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Jernej Kovse jernej.kovse na uni-mb.si
Pon Nov 17 10:20:12 CET 1997

Tekst mode dela ok, delajo celo X-i:

Iz FAQ za XF86:

  The monochrome server also supports generic VGA cards (using  64k  of
  the  video memory as a single bank), the Hercules card and the Hyundai
  HGC-1280. Note that these drivers are not part of the XF86_Mono server
  by  default.  If  you want to use these, you have to reconfigure your
  XF86_Mono  server  using  the LinkKit  (or,   of  course,  the  source
  distribution  -  but  the  LinkKit  will need less disk space and less
  compile time). See the Appendix for further  information  on  using  a
  Hercules mono card.

  Q:  Why  is  the XF86_Mono server not working with my hercules card, I
  thought this card was supported?

  A: The hercules driver (as well as the BDM2 driver)  is  not  part  of
  XF86_Mono  by default.  Get   the LinkKit and you can include it.  You
  will need about 4 MB free disk space and about 5 minutes for  building
  the server (on a 486/30).



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