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Subject: [AfterStep Announce] AfterStep Version 1.0 Released

We proudly announce the release of AfterStep 1.0, an X11
window manager with a NEXTSTEP look-n-feel.

This release is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work from many
dedicated developers around the net and I would just like to say thank
you to everyone who has donated their time and gotten
involved. THANKS!

AfterStep is a continuation of the BowMan window manager which was
originally put together by Bo Yang. BowMan was based on the fvwm
window manager, which was written by Robert Nation. Fvwm was based on
code from twm. And so on...It was originally designed to emulate some
of the look and feel of the NEXTSTEPŽ user interface, but has since
taken steps towards adding more useful, requested, and neat features.

Important features of AfterStep include: 

    o Wharf: a free-floating application loader which can "Swallow"
      running programs and also can contain "Folders" of more
      applications. To the right is a mini version of our
      ever-loving Wharf.

    o Gradient filled TitleBars with familiar NEXTSTEP iconize and
      destroy buttons.

    o Gradient filled root window PopUp menus which can be configured
      to accomodate different tastes and styles of management.

    o NEXTSTEP style icons which give a consistent look to the
      entire desktop.

Primary ftp site: ftp://afterstep.foo.net/pub/AfterStep/AfterStep-1.0.tar.gz

Mirror sites: ftp://ftp.digex.net:/pub/os/wm/AfterStep

AfterStep Home Page: http://afterstep.edoc.com/

Mailing List: http://www.eosys.com/mailing-list/AfterStep.html
         FAQ:   http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/zamboni/afterstep/FAQ.html

Well, if you like what you see, have a problem, or would like to join in 
development, let us know.  Happy Stepp'in!

Frank Fejes frank na ssax.com
Alfredo Kenji Kojima kojima na inf.ufrgs.br
Dan Weeks danimal na blueskystudios.com

   AfterStep Home Page:  http://afterstep.edoc.com/
    AfterStep FTP Site:  ftp://afterstep.foo.net/pub/AfterStep/
     Mailing list Info:  http://www.eosys.com/mailing-list/AfterStep.html

  Send submissions for afterstep-announce to: afterstep-announce na eosys.com

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