[ LUGOS ] [Code] [Ideas?] leveling mobs...

David Klasinc bigwhale na capybara.sk-pttsc.lj.edus.si
Čet Jun 19 14:45:12 CEST 1997


 Ok, people I got again this cool idea... The scenario:

 The mighty dragon of the sun is here guarding the cave

Then there is a group of 9 people that decided that they gonna go and slay
that evil dragon... But they failed, dragon kicked their asses and since
there is this nifty feature, dragon made a level or two, gained some HP,
gained some strenght and become a bit harder to kill... So now even 10
people would be unable to do it...

 I'm working on leveling mobs... So I'm inerested anyone done this before?

And then again... Would it be a bit too difficult for players? They would
try to kill one dragon for a month or two and dragon would be leveling all
the time and noone would be able to kill it *grin* Pretty nasty.. ;>


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