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Pet Jan 17 08:11:53 CET 1997


Posebno LinuxNow je zares enkraten arhiv!





Announcing the lauch of the most complete and intuitive software
map and Linux reference: 

This web site was designed and programmed by students at Caltech to
provide comprehensive access to Linux related information.  In
particular, it contains the best searchable and browsable software map
based on the sunsite archive.

Here are some key features of this new site:

A Huge File Library
   o  The Linux Now file library contains about 3400 file entries 
         (over 700 more than the current Linux Software Map).
   o  The library is automatically updated every day by querying
         sunsite.  This produces a current and relevant database
	 of the contents of the archive.
   o  The library has a very intuitive and efficient design that
         allows users to browse through 187 categories or search the
         entire archive for specific strings.
   o  Full descriptions of each archived file are included (if these
         descriptions exist).
   o  Each file entry contains active links to seven different mirror
         sites throughout the world.  This insures fast download time.

Benchmark Comparisons
   o  Linux Now contains an archive of benchmark results obtained
         using the BYTE Unix benchmark program.  Users can submit
         the results of their machine to the archive and have them
         immediately posted.

Detailed Installation Instructions
   o  The site contains detailed information on how to obtain and
         install Linux efficiently.

Future resources in the works...
   o  Many more features planned for the site in the coming
         few weeks.

If you would like to make the most out of Linux, please visit and let us know if you like it!

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