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Caldera bo v svoji "COL Standard" verziji vlkjucila tudi Star Office.

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Press Release



Internet-savvy Office Suite and OpenLinux' Internet Protocols Extend Interaction Between Information and the Internet

Provo, UT--February 17, 1997--Caldera Inc. and STAR DIVISION GmbH today announced plans
for an OpenLinux port of StarOffice 3.1, praised in the trade press as a technologically pioneering office suite. The OpenLinux port of StarOffice 3.1 will be shipped with future versions of OpenLinux. StarOffice 3.1 adds full-featured, Internet-savvy productivity applications to OpenLinux' broad collection of Internet/networking protocols and open-source operating system.

"The addition of StarOffice 3.1 to the OpenLinux product line follows Caldera's focus to
extend connectivity between end users, networks and the Internet," said Bryan Sparks, president and CEO of Caldera. "The addition of StarOffice to OpenLinux dramatically increases the users' ability to browse, author and publish to the Internet while accessing information remote or local from corporate networks."

Marco B&#246rries, President and CEO of German-based STAR DIVISION adds, "According to
IDC, StarOffice attained a market share of 21.9 percent in Germany within just three months of
introduction. The StarOffice/OpenLinux business suite solution gives end users unmatched interaction between productivity applications, Intranets and the Internet."

The StarOffice/OpenLinux solution extends existing environments by providing Inter/Intranets
solutions that include:

Stand-alone or Remote administration/authoring workstation (client and server integration with corporate environments, like Novell, SCO UNIX, Microsoft and others)
Development platform (open-source model and a variety of Application Programming Interfaces)
Workgroup server (cost-effective, secure Netscape FastTrack server option)

StarOffice 3.1
     StarOffice 3.1 is a complete Internet-enabled, multi-platform office suite available for Linux. The suite supports HTML 3.0 auto-browsing and auto-linking functions across all applications, enabling transparent opening, editing and saving of documents using HTTP and FTP. A common WYSIWYG interface provides drag and drop between the bookmark and edit windows, including
document uploading. The suite's shared-code design provides greater consistency with fewer
resources, and includes:

StarWriter 3.1 (word processor)
StarCalc 3.1 (spreadsheet)
StarDraw 3.1 (graphics and presentation package)
StarImage 3.1 (image manipulation)
StarChart (bar, pie and many other charts)
StarGallery (multimedia tool)

OpenLinux Standard plans include:
     OpenLinux&#174 is an open-source, 32-bit, Linux 2.x-based platform for extending local area
networks to the home, branch office, remote user and the Internet. OpenLinux increases connectivity between corporate networks, including NetWare, UNIX, Windows  NT, and the Internet. OpenLinux Standard includes:
 StarOffice 3.1
    OpenLinux Base (Linux 2.x, Graphical User Interface, etc.)
     NetWare  Client administrative utilities (Enhanced NDS object administration and tightly integrated GUI desktop utilities)
    Netscape FastTrack Server (a secure web server for creating and managing web sites)
  Netscape Navigator 3.0 Gold  (Java , news reader and authoring tools)
 ...and other technologies

Availability and Pricing
A single user commercial license of StarOffice 3.1 will be included with OpenLinux Standard,
scheduled to ship in May, and with OpenLinux Deluxe, scheduled to ship later this year. A non-
commercial license of Star Office 3.1 for OpenLinux will be included with future releases of
OpenLinux Base. StarOffice 3.1 for OpenLinux as a standalone product is also scheduled to ship in
May to meet the growing demand for commercial applications in the Linux market. OpenLinux
Standard, which includes Star Office 3.1, will have a suggested retail price of $299 US.

     There are Caldera resellers in 47 countries worldwide. To locate a local reseller, visit Caldera's web site at or call (800) 850-7779 in the United States or (801) 269-7012 (0) outside the United States.

Caldera, Inc. provides economical solutions that glue and extend new and existing computer systems, including NetWare&#174 , Sun&#174 Solaris&#152 , SCO&#174 UNIX&#174 and Windows NT&#174, to each other and the Internet. Caldera uses its own technological and marketing resources
to leverage technologies including the Linux operating system created by independent developers worldwide, and the OpenDOS product
range. Visit the Caldera web site at For orders and information call (800) 850-7779 in the US or +44 (0) 1923
208440 internationally.


Caldera is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries; and OpenLinux, OpenDOS, Caldera Network Desktop,
Caldera Solutions CD and NetGlue are trademarks or registered trademarks of Caldera  Inc. STAR DIVISION is a registered trademark
in Germany and other countries: and StarOffice, StarWriter, StarDraw, StarCalc, StarImage, StarChart and StarGallery are trademarks or
registered trademarks of STAR DIVISION. All other products, services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners.

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