[ LUGOS ] coredump

David Klasinc bigwhale na capybara.sk-pttsc.lj.edus.si
Sob Dec 27 20:09:07 CET 1997

On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Jernej Kovse wrote:

> The process that invokes fork si called the parent and the newly created
> process is called the child. The child is a given a complete copy of the
> parent's address space and process state that includes the values of the
> program variables, registers, PC, etc., and access to all the UNIX system
> services the parent had, such as the parent's open files.

 if (fork() == 0) {

in potem coredump ki ostane nima nic pametnega notri...

Nevem, razen ce ga ta assert ne z*ebe...


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