[ LUGOS ] IP aliasi

Uros Indihar indy na kibla.org
Pet Avg 22 06:04:15 CEST 1997

> Kako narediti, da bi dolocen server (recimo ircd pod whois) izpisal
> hostname enega od IP aliasov?

Dodas mu route do irc serverja preko dolocenega device-a.

route add irc.arnes.si dev eth0:X

iz mana:
              The dev DDDD modifier forces the route to be  asso-
              ciated  with  the  specified  device, as the kernel
              will otherwise try to determine the device  on  its
              own (by checking already existing routes and device
              specifications, and where the route is  added  to).
              In most normal networks you won't need this.


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