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Pet Avg 1 21:01:34 CEST 1997

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Andrej Presern wrote:

> A mogoce kdo ve za kaksno vizualno orodje za pripravo
> vektorskih slik, ki po potrebi zapise izdelek v post
> skriptu, texu ali cemu podobnemu?
mogoce kaj takega?

man xfig:
          xfig - Facility for Interactive Generation of figures under
          Xfig is a menu-driven tool that allows the user to draw and
          manipulate objects interactively under the X Window System.
          It runs under X version 11 release 4 or higher...
          Xfig is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.x.org in
          The TransFig package is used when printing or exporting the
          output from xfig.  It is automatically called by xfig as a
          back-end processor to produce various types of output:

          LaTeX         fig2dev -L latex translates xfig to LaTeX
                        picture environment commands which can be
                        processed along with other LaTeX commands.

          PostScript    fig2dev -L ps produces an Encapsulated
                        PostScript output.

          IBM-GL        fig2dev -L ibmgl produces a IBM-GL (HP/GL)

          Pic           fig2dev -L pic produces a pic output.

          PiCTeX        fig2dev -L pictex produces PiCTeX output.
                        This contains macros that can be used with the
                        PiCTeX environment under TeX or LaTeX.

          Others        fig2dev has options for these other languages:

lp, lr

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