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> Je kdo sprobal staroffice? Zadeva je nekje v koncni beti in
> na razpolago se kot free (za zdaj). (sunsite...).. 

Sem hotel preizkusiti, ampak StarOffice 3.1 Beta 2 zahteva knjiznico
Motif 2.0, tako da ni bilo nic iz tega.


What do I need to run StarOffice 3.1? On which configurations does it
The first question is simpler to answer than the second. In any case,
you need an ELF system. We cannot and will not make available an a.out
version. Of course, you need X11 up and running. Then you need Motif
2.0 libraries. You can purchase these from your Linux dealer. Star
Division does not sell Motif libraries! 
We are currently considering making available versions that are linked
dynamically with Motif 1.2 or statically. So if you absolutely do
not want to spend your money on Motif libraries, you might want to
wait for these versions. But we cannot promise any release date for
these versions; perhaps we cannot release them at all. It all
We cannot name all the configurations StarOffice 3.1 for Linux
will run on as there are probably as many different Linux installations
as there are Linux users. We run it here for example on a Pentium 100,
running a somewhat modified Suse 4.2 distribution which has been
upgraded to a 2.0.21 kernel, a 5.2.18 (and various other things
needed with newer kernels), and runs XFree86 3.1.2. Many
other configurations will surely work as well. Some 
will not.

Lep pozdrav.

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