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Thu Dec 17 22:32:11 CET 2015

On Thursday 17 of December 2015 19:26:02 Matija Šuklje wrote:
> Hoj,
> Bi kdo, ki gre na FOSDEM šel še na to?
Glede na to, da je naš kumulativni policy output nekje pri nuli, je škoda 
časa. Če je pa koga čudežno začelo zanimat in bi delal na tem, se pa oproščam 
in jupi!


> ----------  Nuntius praecox  ----------
> In rem: Save the date: 29 January European Software Freedom Policy Meeting
> Die et hora: 17. 12. 15 07.16.25
> Scripsit: Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org>
> Ad: Matija Šuklje <matija at suklje.name>
> Dear Matija,
> there are a lot of dedicated software freedom groups around Europe who
> work on policy issues. But we believe we can be much more effective in
> our work, if we are better connected with each other.
> That is why the Free Software Foundation Europe together with OpenForum
> Europe will organise a European Free Software policy meeting in Brussels
> from 14:00 to 18:00 on 29 January.
> The main goal is that you ***get better known to each other***. The
> meeting should enable you to find out if other groups are working on
> similar topics, so you can benefit from each others knowledge. So we are
> interested in the ***top 2 policy topics*** you are working on at the
> moment.
> We hope a Member of the European Parliament and someone from the
> Commission will share insights of relevant EU policy and progress with
> us.
> We would like to invite 1-2 representatives from each group. We hope
> that you or someone else from LUGOS can come. If so, please write an
> e-mail to
>   Diana Cocoru <diana at openforumeurope.org>
> by
>   *** 23 December 2015 8:00 am ***
> and tell us who from you would like to participate, so we can plan
> accordingly. After the deadline you will receive a confirmation by us,
> and in January the full agenda with the exact location.
> Best Regards and happy holidays,
> Graham Taylor (OFE) and Matthias Kirschner (FSFE)

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