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Bostjan Janezic bostjan at japet.si
Fri May 18 09:19:33 CEST 2007

Morda koga zanima udelezba?

lp, Bostjan Janezic

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Zadeva:      Linux Camp Sunsplash 2007
Pošiljatelj: bdm at alproject.org
Datum:       Sre, Maj 16, 2007 4:09 pm
Prejemnik:   lugos at lugos.si


I'm Matteo from " LUG ALP - Aquileia Linux Project ".
We are organizing a Linux Camp in Osoppo Udine at Sunsplash (
www.rototomsunsplash.com ) .

This Camp is going to be a place , where people that have knowledges can contact and
exchange knowledge with others , and in my humble opinion a good point of start to
think bigger about ventures between LUGs.

It'll be a good place to put on a real big stage ( it's an internal festival )
GNU/Linux and a good place to have fun.

Hope you can be interested in it.

Matteo "bdm" Cisilino
bdm at alproject.org
www.alproject.org ( italian only site )

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