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Robert Ludvik robert.ludvik at zd-lj.si
Wed Oct 12 12:09:29 CEST 2005

LUG Trieste je eden od organizatorjev Linux dneva v Italiji, ki se bo
dogajal v vec kot 100 mestih. Letos bodo imeli eno linijo predavanj v
angleskem jeziku. Sprasujejo, ce je LUGOS zainteresiran za
Gianluco (predsednik LUGTS) sem se vprasal, ce krijejo potne stroske,
spanje, hrano..., cakam odgovor.
Kopija gre se na Pingo.
Odgovorite kar na lugos-org at lugos.si.
Robert Ludvik

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    Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 18:35:28 +0200
    From: Gianluca Trimarchi <ryo at trieste.linux.it>
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 Subject: LinuxDay 2005 in Trieste
      To: Urska Colner <urska at urska.org>

Hi Urska and Robert,
first of all let me congratulate with you for the wonderful job made
the whole Conference, it was simply fantastic!

Maybe I already told you this, at the end of November we're gonna have
main italian Linux conference/meeting about Gnu/Linux and Free
it's called "LinuxDay". It will take place in over 100 italian cities
at the
same day: 26 November; the program is not fixed so every local
organizer can
talk about different aspects of the same goal: spread the free
software and
Linux in particular.
Talking about LugTrieste, we had this meeting from the very first
(~2000) and this year we'd like to make something we never did before:
a new
track, with english speeches only. We usually had 2-3 tracks, about
beginners and advanced topics (you can find'em on our site..but it's
italian only, sorry). This year we wll have our LinuxDay inside the
buildings: Sissa is an italian acronym, it stands for "International
for Advanced Studies", was the first Italian university to offer the
degree and is one of the most famous research center of Europe and in
rest of the world also. It has students from all the world, expecially
Africa, India and Asia.

After this long introduction, here comes the main part..so if you
all the above, please read this at least ;)

We would be very happy to have 1-2 Lugos speeches during the English
so, please, consider this as an "official request".

In the past I talked wih other members of Lugos (first encounter was
in 2000
in Ljubljana) and we always talked about cooperation and exchange of
knoweledge. You did the first steps with the OOoCon, I think LinuxDay
be the next step and will help us to establish and mantain a constant
collaboration along the next years.

I hope you will reply with a big "YES!" written at the top :)
Seriously, I'll be very happy if you'll accept this request of
collaboration, it would be wonderful to recreate the same atmosphere
we had
during OOoCon.

Meanwhile, if you need more informations about the LinuxDay topics or
organization, feel free to write me.


Note: I will contact CyberPipe guys also, they did a great job during
Conference, I hope they can contribute to the event with a speech.

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