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Stojan Rancic stojan at aufbix.org
Sat Nov 22 10:09:52 CET 2003

Hojla Tomka,

Saturday, November 22, 2003, 9:58:31 AM, si napisal(a):

>> Yes, we too are blessed with the spawn of evil from the other side of
>> Atlantic.. see http://www.bsa.si/ .

> Woah. Posters with handcuffs? Trials?

I haven't seen any actual posters, although they do advertise in
computer magazines about 'not buying a naked PC' ie. one without a
preloaded (M$) operating system.

As for trials, there were some arrests and people had to pay from
80.000-400.000 tolars up to 3 million for companies. There is a press release
about this year's activities at
http://www.bsa.si/bsa-gradivo-novinarska-konferenca-3-6-2003.doc .

                              GreetZ, Stojan
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