[LUGOS-ORG] Help in terminology

Tomka Gergely tomka at zeus.gau.hu
Sat Nov 22 09:33:54 CET 2003

2003-11-22 ragyogó napján polz ezt üzente:

> > Another question: I see there are slovenian OpenOffice.Org.
> > http://sl.openoffice.org/
> > I can't see the status. All part can talk slovenian? spellchecker?
> > manuals?
> The interface and the spellchecker
> have been completely translated. The status of the documentation is available
> here: http://openoffice.lugos.si/prevajalci.html#docs .
> "Prevedeno" means "Translated". "v prevajanju..." means "being translated..."

Thanks again. And questions again :) Is in Slovenia something like BSA?
(Business Software Alliance)? And if exists, popular organization?
everyone like it? :)

Tomka Gergely
Repülőgép nélkül az ég csak levegő -- Hadi István alezredes

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