MS & državna uprava EA

Andraz Tori Andraz.tori1 at
Wed May 14 22:32:32 CEST 2003

Tole bi se kar zanimvo pokrilo s tem kar se dogaja v Sloveniji glede
krovne pogodbe, ki naj bi bila zdaj-zdajci podpisana med MSjem in
državno upravo...

Temu po domače rečemo dumpinške cene za preprečevanje alternativnih
rešitev, oziroma zmanjševanje motiva za njihovo uporabo.
Stvari ne bom prevajal, ker bi izgubila na jasnosti.

chemstar writes "Last summer Orlando Ayala, then the top sales executive
at Microsoft Corp., sent an e-mail titled 'Microsoft Confidential' to
senior managers laying out a strategy to dissuade governments across the
globe from choosing cheaper alternatives to the ubiquitous Windows
operating system. Ayala's e-mail told executives that if a deal
involving governments or large institutions looked doomed, they were
authorized to draw from a special internal fund to offer software at a
steep discount, or free, if necessary. Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft
chief executive, was sent a copy of the e-mail. The memo, which focused
on system software for desktop computers, specifically targeted Linux, a
still small but emerging competitor. "Under NO circumstances lose
against Linux," Ayala said." Perhaps that's because, as roomisigloomis
writes, "Seems that MS' licensing practices are working against the
company," pointing out this article which "suggests that open source,
Linux and other software is actively being sought."
(tole je precej dolg, ampak dober članek)

Lep pozdrav
Andraž Tori

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