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Tue Mar 20 11:53:55 CET 2001

Ok tule je torej glavni del clanka za

In Slovenia one of the easiest ways to get known with Linux is by
visiting a Linux Festival which is organized by Linux users group of
Slovenia (LUGOS). On April 22. in a small city of Novo mesto, the eight
Linux Festival (also called LiFe) will take place. This is one day event
which offers various activities to its participants.
For users that are taking their first unsure steps into world of Linux
we are preparing an "install workshop". Users bring their own computers
with them and then they are guided step by step trough the process of
installation. For those that are still not convinced, we demonstrate
Linux in our "exhibition place" where they can get hands on experience
with Linux, different desktops and different aplications. Users can take
a ride with the latest free and proprietary software available. They can
test desktops such as KDE and GNOME, development software like Kylix,
Kdevelop or Glade and in the end they can also play a game of bzFlag or
Quake too.
However not all participants are Linux beginners and therefore we also
offer some quite interesting presentations that cover topics from
end-user software to programing languages and tehniques. 
This time we are making emphasis on interoperability of Linux with other
operating systems. Important uses of Linux in this kind of environments
are Samba and IP masquarading & firewalling, so we are preparing
presentations about them. Also presentations about GIMP and Blender will
be given.
If everything goes acording to plan, we will get some more happy and
knowledgable Linux users and a few of exhausted organizers at the end of
the day.
Because the event is taking place quite near Croatian border,
representatives from HULK (Linux users group of Croatia) are also
Effort spent on organizing an event like this is quite large and it is
amazing how much can be done on strictly voluentary basis. Ofcourse an
event like this would be impossible without sponsoring, but because
there are mutual benifits of promoting Linux for local Linux companies,
LUGOS activities are quite supported. 
LUGOS is also planning a large international 'computer camp' this fall,
so you'll be hearing from us again soon!


Lep Pozdrav
Andraz Tori

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