[Lugos-mozilla] Spletne urice: Harnessing the Mozilla platform

Jure Čuhalev gandalfar at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 18:47:35 CET 2005

V SREDO 23. novembra ob 19.00 vas vabimo na osme spletne urice.

Tokratnja tema je izkoriščanje platforme Mozilla. Predavanje bo v
angleščini, saj bo predaval eden izmed programerjev, ki od Mozille
živijo, življenska pot pa ga je zanesla v Slovenijo - Brian King.

Mozilla technologies offer unique advantages over traditional software
development toolkits. Using Mozilla, you are combining proven open web
technologies with cross-platform rich client application development.

It is a Web-ready platform. At its heart is the XPFE toolkit (XUL,
XBL, JavaScript, CSS), and on the implementation level is over 2,000
XPCOM interfaces and an architecture to plug-in your own components.
This talk will look in detail at some of these technologies, demo some
applications, and look forward to the next generation Mozilla runtime
application, XULRunner.

Brian King has been involved in the Mozilla community since 1999. In
that time, he has worked on both free and for-profit software built on
top of the Mozilla Application Platform. He is one of the core site
admins at http://www.mozdev.org, a community site for hosting
Mozilla-based projects and for promoting Mozilla technologies. Brian
is an independent consultant, focusing mainly on Mozilla application
development, and does much of his work for Mozdev Group, Inc, a
Mozilla services company.

Kiberpipa / Cyberpipe:  Kersnikova 6, 1000 Ljubljana
pon-pet / mon-fri:  10.00 - 22.00
prost vstop / prost dostop / prosto programje
free entrance / free net / free software
Glavni sponzor Kiberpipe je Mobitel..

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