[LUGOS] GnuPG encryption project launches crowdfunding campaign

Matija Šuklje matija at suklje.name
Fri Dec 20 00:10:21 CET 2013

= GnuPG encryption project launches crowdfunding campaign =

Today Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG) has launched its first crowdfunding 
with the aim of building a new website and long term infrastructure. The 
EUR target will fund:

- Fresh web interfaces for gnupg.org including mobile
- Completion and release of GnuPG 2.1
- Anonymous Tor network access to the website
- A new user friendly download page suitable for all devices
- A new server for web services
- New pages convening external guides, videos, and handbooks
- Facilities for processing recurring donations for long term project support

Project founder and Lead Developer Werner Koch said "GnuPG has seen a huge
upsurge in popularity following recent state spying revelations. After 16 
of continuous development, we are now asking for community support to 
on consumer demand for privacy, and make GnuPG easy to access for mainstream

GnuPG is one of the few tools remaining above suspicion in the wake of leaked
NSA documents. Edward Snowden and his contacts including Bruce Schneier 
to GnuPG when they began handling the secret documents earlier this year[2]. 
Wall Street Journal, The Committee to Protect Journalists, and ProPublica[3]
have all embraced GnuPG for protection of staff and sources. Phil Zimmerman,
original inventor of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), has also moved to GnuPG in 
of the news.

"GnuPG is a key part of modern privacy infrastructure" said Sam Tuke, Campaign
Manager, GnuPG. "Millions of users rely on GnuPG to work securely on servers,
laptops and smartphones, but 2013 donations totaling 3.000 EUR to date have 
even covered fixed costs. Supporting new algorithms like elliptical curve and
fixing newfound exploits fast takes a lot of work which is done voluntarily. 
is the time for people to contribute to making GnuPG slick and more 
in future".

Jacob Appelbaum, Tor Project developer, added "GnuPG is important - it allows 
the assurances we need to do our work. Community funding is a critical part of 
confident outlook for GnuPG in future."

For further information, please contact Sam Tuke.
Email: samtuke [at] gnupg.org
Phone: +49 176 81923811

1. http://goteo.org/project/gnupg-new-website-and-infrastructure
2. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/05/nsa-how-to-remain-secure-surveillance
3. http://www.cjr.org/behind_the_news/hacks_hackers_security_for_jou.php

== About Gnu Privacy Guard ==

GnuPG is a leading cryptography app that protects emails and data from
interception. It is developed by a community of Free Software engineers led by
Werner Koch. GnuPG is used and recommended by the world's top security 
including Bruce Schneier and Phil Zimmerman. It offers best in class privacy
free of charge and restriction. Hundreds of companies have integrated GnuPG
into their products to perform mission critical security, including Red Hat,
Deutsche Bahn, and many others.

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